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7 Best Eco-Friendly Straws for your drinking

The best eco straws

The 7 Eco-friendly straws you need to know

CQ Green Box LLC offers the best eight eco-friendly straws for personal or commercial use. 

  1. The first option is sugar cane fiber straws, which are a great alternative to plastic straws both in terms of price and drink experience.
  2. our coffee ground straws are a fantastic choice! Made with premium coffee grounds and robust plant binding agents, these straws are the perfect addition to any coffee shop, adding an innovative touch to your beverage presentation
  3. Bamboo fiber straws : from natural bamboo material and plants biding agents ,home compstable cerficated ,enviroment friendly and do not harm your health
  4. Bamboo Straws, 100% natural raw bamboo materials ,have a lot of great benefits 
  5.  Reed straws are made from 100% natural reed material and have a low carbon footprint.
  6. Wheat straws are a good option for cocktails.
  7. bamboo paper straws are different from regular paper straws and can last a long time in hot or cold drinks.
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