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Kraft Paper Folded Food Box

1. Greenbox provide with food grade disposable paper container also with paper lids, no matter small containers with lids or large paper food containers.

2. Paper food storage container is made from eco-friendly materials, easy to carry out or food delivery. It can also fold, you can take anywhere you want.

3. Greenbox disposable paper food containers adopt all-in-one design with paper lids, perfectly hold greasy foods without having liquids. We can call them freezer safe containers.

4. As for paper food container, we accept customization, for example, you can print the food storage containers with lids with your own design. Also with our special coated oil film, the color of food containers won’t change as well.


Eco Friendly


Product Details

800 ML

Size: 130x113xH65mm

1080 ML

Size: 165x150x50mm

1400 ML

Size: 170x155xH65mm

1480 ML

Size: 210x195xH48mm

2000 ML

Size: 215x195xH65mm

Kraft Paper Folded Box

Why Kraft Paper Bowls are Better

we want our business to have a positive impact on the planet

Eco Friendly

Home compostable

Food Grade Material

Material is kraft paper

High Sealing

Water-proof and oil proof


Logo can be customized

but also look great for food

kraft paper folded box
kraft paper folded box

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