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Kraft Paper Soup Cup

1. Greenbox can offer 8oz soup container, 16oz soup bowl, soup containers with lids made from disposable food grade 320gsm kraft paper, making them more durable and more environmentally.

2. This disposable paper hot soup cup features a tightly-rolled rim, ideal for kitchen safe, suitable for taking anywhere. It is smooth to the touch, making it great for sipping too. It also holds bread, soup, salad, ice cream and other hot/cold foods.

3. After the family dinner, we can pack leftovers in these disposable paper soup containers, are well packaged and it’s easy to heat by microwave. Don’t worry about the throw away, it can be compostable.

4. Greenbox round kraft paper container for food storage, can be a meal prep containers or kitchen storage containers, used for weddings, take out food, parties and office workers and students to bring lunch.

Eco Friendly



8oz Kraft Paper Soup Container With Lid

8 oz

Size: Φ90x72xH60mm

12 oz

Size: Φ90x73xH86mm

16 oz

Size: Φ97x75xH100mm

18 oz

Size: Φ116x85xH77mm

26 oz

Size: Φ116x88xH108

32 oz

Size: Φ116x88xH133mm

Why Kraft Paper Bowls are Better

we want our business to have a positive impact on the planet

Eco Friendly


Food Grade Material

Material is kraft paper

High Sealing

Leak-free, oil-proof


Logo can be customized

Our kraft paper soup cup is not just durable

but also look great

colored kraft paper straw
Kraft Paper Soup Cup

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