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7 Best Eco Drink Straws you need to know

What is the best eco straws you can chose

  • Bamboo Fiber Straw :which are a great alternative to plastic straws
  • Bamboo Straw:100% natural raw bamboo materials ,have a lot of great benefits 
  • Sugarcane Fiber Straw: Substainable and Organci Material ,the great alternative to the plastic straws
  • Coffee Ground Straw:are a fantastic choice! Made with premium coffee grounds and robust plant binding agents, these straws are the perfect addition to any coffee shop, adding an innovative touch to your beverage presentation
  • Bamboo Paper straw: are different from regular paper straws ,can last a long time in hot or cold drinks.
  • Reed Straw:are made from 100% natural reed material and have a low carbon footprint
  • Wheat straw:are a good option for cocktails
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